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Cylinder Head Machining

Our Performance Cylinder Head Machining and Repair in South Jersey along with Flywheel Resurfacing is especially suited for fast turn arounds for garages who need the job ASAP--cylinder head milling, all types of valve work, pressure testing for cracks, porting and flow bench work on domestic and import OEM Cylinder Heads-Performance Heads-Marine Heads-Also Warehouse Distributor Pricing for AFR Cylinder Heads-Brodix Cylinder Heads-Dart Cylinder Heads--chances are good that anything related to head work is probably done here at D. and F. Performance LLC in Berlin, NJ established 1976

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pressure testing a cylinder head

--Pressure Testing--after all the water jackets of the head or block are plugged, 40 -60 lbs of air pressure is tapped into the water system and then the head is sprayed with a soapy solution and if there is a crack it will start to weep air bubbles--one of the first operations that should be done to a core if you don't know anything about it before any money is invested--

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milling a sbc cylinder head

-Cylinder Head Milling--the DCM HB 3800 uses high speed CBN cutters to mill the cylinder head to correct any warpage due to a blown head gasket or to correct any deviations that will hinder the head gasket from sealing effectively--The RA finish is well under the required factor to use a MLS head gasket--the milling operation can also be done to achieve more compression by lowering the cc's in the combustion chamber--

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competition valve seating operation

--Competition Valve Job--this operation is completed on a Sunnen VGS 20 that can use all in one fixed cutters such as 30°/45°/60° or you can do a series of custom angles that we have found on the flowbench to be quite an inprovement in flow over the original angles--valve seat runout is always checked but not usually a problem since we use the very stiff titanium pilots that have very limited movement--

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testing a cylinder head for airflow thru the lift range

--FlowBench Testing--testing a cylinder head and finding some areas that need airflow improvement can really make HP come alive in an engine--a lot of popular domestic cylinder heads on the market today are available with CNC'd ports to give us a great airflow right out of the box but we still have a large call for port work on a lot of imports as well as domestics being used as street machines, road race, and drag cars--

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hand porting a cyl head

Porting a cylinder head is the best way to open the door for increased airflow and as a result of that, more hp and rpm--

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testing spring pressure

--Rimac Valve spring gauge will insure that the valve spring pressure is correct for each style camshaft being used and also checking for valve spring coil bind--

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cc-ing a combustion chamber

In order to determine an engines exact compression ratio--CC-ing a combustion chamber, along with the deck height measurement, head gasket thickness and bore diameter of the actual gasket, cylinder bore and stroke, will be necessary--

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ported 2jz cyl head

even though this is a forced induction application, porting a cylinder head will increase the overall volumetric efficiency thru the entire RPM band yielding more hp yet--

cutting valves

--Cutting Valves--The Kwik Way valve grinding machine can check valves for any erratic runout and redress them to the desired angle as long as the runout isn't too severe--

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checking valve guide clearance

--Checking Valve Guide Clearance--the tool in this operation is a Sunnen valve guide gauge that measures in ten-thousands .0001, often referred to as tenths and will check the actual clearance in the valve guide-if the guide is too loose, it is very difficult to seat the valves with any degree of accuracy because the pilots that center the valve seat cutters can't center correctly--

valve guide sizing

--Valve Guide Sizing--the machine in this operation is a Sunnen HS-30 diamond guide hone that uses numerous diamond hone mandrels to cover the guide sizes in todays market--honing the guide with these mandrels makes life a lot easier to get the proper clearance than having a ton of individual reamers that aren't very effective for some of the bronze guides materials that we use