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FAST Fuel Injection Systems
was acquired by Comp Cams in 2001 and turned into the electronics company that we know today--some of the best cylinder heads have been brought to the world from the competitiveness of Brodix Cylinder Heads and AFR Cylinder Heads since the 1970's
-- Dart Iron Cylinder Blocks, founded by Richard Maskin in 1981 in a 2 car garage in Oak Park, Michigan with a desk and a telephone, and today, well everyone knows where Dart is today.

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AFR cylinder head logo

AFR Cylinder Headsafr cylinder heads

LSX Cyl Heads
SBF Cyl Heads
SBC Cyl Heads
BBC Cyl Heads
BBF Cyl Heads
brodix sbc cylinder head

Brodix Cylinder Heads

Brodix SBC Cylinder HeadsBrodix SBC Cylinder Heads

SBC IK Cyl Heads
SBC RaceRite Cyl Heads
SBC Track1 Cyl Heads
Dragon Slayer Cyl Heads
Selecting SBC Heads

Brodix BBC Cylinder HeadsBrodix BBC Cylinder Heads

BBC RaceRite Cyl Heads
BBC-2Plus Cyl Heads
BBC 2X Cyl Heads
BBC 3X Cyl Heads
HeadHunter Cyl Heads
dart cylinder blocks

Dart Cylinder Blocksdart cylinder blocks

Dart SBC Cylinder Blocks
Dart BBC Cylinder Blocks
Dart SB Ford Cylinder Blocks
Dart LS Cylinder Blocks
Fast XFI vs XFI

F.A.S.T. Fuel Injection SystemsFast Fuel Injection

EZ-EFI 1.0
MultiPort EZEFI
Chevy XFI Kits
Ford XFI Kits
Chrysler XFI Kits
LS Series XFI
Custom XFI Kits
FAST Fuel Injectorsperformance fuel injectors

24lb to 95lb/hr.

Performance fuel systems

Fuel Systems
600HP S/S Fuel System
1900HP Race Fuel System

FAST XFI Touch Screen Data Loggerfast xfi data logger

logs data up to 1 hr

FAST Crank Triggerfast crank trigger

Xim Coil-On Plug Ignition Modulefast xim spark control module

Ready to Run

FAST XFI EGT Modulefast xfi egt module

exhaust gas temperature

Trans Controllerelectronic trans controller

Performance & Economy

Airfuel Meterfast gasoline alcohol diesel air fuel meter