BERLIN, N.J. 08009

PHONE: 856-767-4095 or 856-767-7740

E-MAIL: support@dfperformance.com

Web Address: www.dfperformance.com

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday thru Friday -- 8:00am to 5:00pm EST
Saturday -- November to March ---8:00am to 11:00am--

Vacation- for 2016--- closed from July 30th 2016 to Aug 8th 2016------

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Updated:Feb 23, 2016

Return Policy:
If you believe you have received damaged components or you are having problems with a component, contact D. and F. Performance LLC as soon as possible at the above phone number or thru e-mail. Save all invoices with the date of purchase.

D. and F. Performance LLC Privacy Policy Disclosure:

D. and F. Performance LLC (acknowledged as "we" or "us" in the following statement) is committed to protecting your privacy along with providing you a safe online experience. Being in business for 40 years has taught us that repeat customers provide the best word of mouth advertisement and that is all we rely upon.

1. E-commerce Sales-Credit Card information:
Credit card information is delivered to us from a secure cart server thru a SSL (secure socket layer) recognized by the C/A Browser Forum member "Comodo," to prevent unauthorized access during transmission of your order over the internet. Once the transaction has taken place the only information we hold on file is the name, address, phone, the authorization code, and approval number for the card transaction. All card numbers are blacked out.

2. e-mail addresses:
The only time we use e-mail to contact you will be for a reply to any questions that you may need answered before or after purchase, and when a confirmation is sent that the order is ready and will be shipped. We keep no e-mail addresses on file at all. There are no solicitations from D. and F. Performance LLC thru e-mail, phone, mail or any other means of promotion.

3. tracking cookies--web beacons--any other current or new marketing technology capable of detecting information:
We use no means of finding further information about you with tracking cookies or other means.

4. third party users:
we are not affiliated with any third party uaers and will offer no information to any third parties.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, feel free to direct any concerns to the above e-mail address.


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