brodix sbc cylinder head

BRODIX Small Block Chevy Cylinder Heads

Brodix introduced the first Small Block Chevy Cylinder Heads in 1973, and still today, sets the industry standards by utilizing cutting edge technology, while still embracing old world values and Brodix still remains the only company to offer a repair service for ther own product if they are damaged due to an engine failure --and at a very reasonable cost (Brodix products only). It's been our pleasure to be a dealer for Brodix since the early 80's----
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Brodix SBC IK Cylinder
Headsbrodix cylinder heads

Brodix IK 180 with a 180cc runner
Brodix IK 200 with a 200cc runner
Brodix KC IK 210 cnc 210cc runner
one of the best SBC street performance cylinder heads available

Brodix SBC RaceRite Cylinder Headsbrodix cylinder heads

Brodix RR 180 with a 180cc runner
Brodix RR 200 with a 200cc runner
-straight or angle plug-a great street/strip performance cylinder head

Brodix SBC Track1 Cylinder Headsbrodix cylinder heads

Track 1 w/215cc-221cc-227cc-233cc-
straight or angle plug
Track 1X with 222cc runner--
one of the best all around track cylinder heads available

Brodix DragonSlayer Cyl Headsbrodix dragonslayer cylinder heads

over 300cfm out of the box w/CNC'd combustion chamber, accepts all std SBC 23° parts,the SBC Dragonslayer is the best "as cast" cyl head in its league-

brodix sbc cylinder headsSelecting Heads provides some helpful information to assist you in choosing the best cylinder head for your combination

Let's look for some answers to:

  • which head?
  • what intake runner size?
  • what combustion chamber size?
  • what valve spring size and pressure?
  • do I need titanium retainers?
  • how much airflow is enough?

In a 3200lb street car, with moderate to well prepped suspension with a 383 cu in normally aspirated as pictured above, with a pair of IK or Race Rite 200's and a Comp Cams Hydraulic roller, can produce 10.90's or quicker in the 1/4 mile.