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Brodix SBC Dragon Slayer Cylinder Heads

Brodix SBC performance aluminum cylinder heads

*Brodix Dragon Slayer cylinder head accepts all std components-lifters, rockers, and manifold-
*Brodix Dragon Slayer Cylinder Heads feature 356 Virgin aluminum alloy, phosphorous bronze guides, ductile iron seats for unleaded-

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brodix cylinder heads

*best "as cast" Cylinder Head in its league-
*225 cc runner-23° valve angle-7/16 studs- 10° jumbo retainers
*64cc and 68cc are both standard with full CNC chambers-
*1.470 springs for solid flat tappets & hydraulic roller cams up to .600 lift-
*1.550 springs for mech roller cams up to .700 lift available-240lbs closed/550lbs open-
*see Brodix SBC Dragon Slayer Flow Chart-
*dragon slayer is an angle plug cylinder head, but has an option for straight plugs-see Dragon Slayer Head Options at bottom of page--

If you need assistance in selecting the best cylinder head for your application, you may want to visit Selecting Heads first or just e-mail a description of the combination and your intended driving usage and we'll see if we can help out--

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--also FREE ground SHIPPING inside the continental USA on purchases over $2900.00
--allow about 2-3 weeks for Cylinder Head orders to ship--

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brodix sbc Dragon Slayer cylinder head Brodix Dragon Slayer Cylinder Heads--great choice for a 383cuin all out track combination with big compression or a 400cuin plus ultimate street performance combination with 10.5 compression and a nice hyd roller cam
see Dragon Slayer Head Options for titanium retainer upgrade for the track
cc plug part # valve/dia. runner spring retainer seat pressure open pressure max. lift price/pair buy
angle 1320000 --- 225cc Bare heads/guides are honed-valve seating is done $1159.00
1321000 2.08/1.600 225cc 1.470 steel 140lbs 400lbs .600 $1702.51
1321001 2.08/1.600 225cc 1.550 steel 240lbs 550lbs .700 $1702.51
angle 1321002 2.08/1.600 225 1.470 steel 140lbs 400lbs .600 $1802.49
1321003 2.08/1.600 225 1.550 steel 240lbs 550lbs .700 $1802.49
Brodix Dragon Slayer "Out Of The Box" Flow Chart cfm @28" H2O
valve size .200 .300 .400 .500 .600 .650 .650
2.08 intake 142 212 260 287 302 302 304
1.600 exhaust 115 154 183 199 204 207 210
The Dragon Slayer Head Options listed below
may only be ordered along with a complete set of Brodix Dragon Slayer Cylinder Heads
--keep in mind, free shipping for purchases totaling $2900.00 or more for USA zipcodes--
options description price buy
titanium retainer --10° Titanium Retainers and 10° Valve Locks installed in place of the steel retainers-- $200.00
--convert angle plug casting to a straight plug-- $145.00
brodix head in milling machine --Mill deck surface down to as low as 57cc from your choice of head for increased compression ratio--NOTE: on heads with CNC Chamber, the heads can only be cut to 60cc $210.00