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Chrysler Fuel Injection Systems-FAST EFI/XFI
FAST XFI for CHRYSLER 340-360-440

Fast XFI (xtreme fuel injection) for Chrysler 340-360-440 is an advanced EFI System that allows infinite tuning possibilities to fuel and timing curves thru the entire RPM Band to maximize performance for street/strip use. See Fast XFI vs. Carb. to learn more about FAST XFI Fuel Injection--FAST XFI is also extremely effective for forced induction to keep the A/F ratios and timing in perspective-see Custom XFI Kits for forced induction applications. Complete Kits include: free shipping to continental USA zipcodes, learning disc, ECU, complete wiring harness, throttle body, intake manifold, distributor, fuel pump and regulator and injectors to match your HP potential, fuel rails, and detailed step-by-step instructions--see more on FAST XFI Mopar/Chrysler kit components--
If you have 600hp or less, also see EZ-EFI 1.0 and MultiPort EZEFI--also see The New FAST EZ-EFI 2.0 for self learning EFI up to 1200HP--great tech help @

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Fuel Injection System
340-360 Chrysler FAST XFI COMPLETE KIT
up to 550HP---#df340-05 $3881.70
up to 1000HP--#df340-10 $4408.56
up to 550HP---#df440-05 $3819.20
up to 1000HP--#df440-10 $4347.50
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All Fast complete Injection kits will also operate a turbo or supercharger with the additional purchase of a 2, 3, or 5 bar map sensor and the proper fuel system and injectors to fit your HP--see Custom XFI Kits!!

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Chrysler FAST XFI Fuel Injection Kit Components
items may be purchased separately but will total more than the total kit price

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Item Description incl in
550HP kit
incl in
1000HP kit
Price Buy
FAST Injection System--engine control unit ECU-- (incl with either kit) for 8 injector applications---operates in alpha-n or speed-density, bank-to-bank or sequential, closed-loop or open-loop
(comes with wideband O2 sensor and wiring for sensor)
see Fast XFI vs. carb. for more info
301000 301000 $1447.56
Fuel Injection System distributor IGNITION- FAST dual-sync distributor provides both cam and crank signal to XFI ECU (dual sync is necessary to operate in sequential mode) see Fast XFI vs. carb. for more info
dual sync distributor for 340-360 305011 305011 $352.95
dual sync distributor for 440 305013 305013 $352.95
--Note: an MSD Ignition box is required for installation, but is not included--
Fuel Injection System harness MAIN HARNESS-340-360-440 connects engine to ECU
fits all applications 301100 301100 $310.06
INJECTOR HARNESS- 340-360-440 (for 18436572 firing order is incl in complete kit) 301200 301200 $107.52
Fuel Injection System sensors SENSORS-relays information concerning engine conditions to ECU
(one of each sensor is incl in complete kit)
ATS- (air temp sensor) relays air temp to ECU 307004 307004 $9.95
CTS- (coolant temp sensor) relays coolant temp to ECU 307003 307003 $10.30
MAP- (manifold absolute pressure) relays manifold pressure to ECU--for boosted applications, see 2-3-5 bar map sensors in Custom XFI Kits for more info. 307007 307007 $37.86
Fuel Injection System throttle body THROTTLE BODY-1375cfm throttle body--4150 flange--
comes with TPS (throttle position sensor)--
and IAC (idle air control)
see throttle bodies in Custom XFI Kits for more info.
307603 307603 $553.52
performance fuel injectors INJECTORS- 36lb/ hr. for 550 HP kit 303608 N/A $296.97
INJECTORS- 60lb/ hr for 1000HP kit
see injectors for a complete listing
N/A 306008 $460.94
performance fuel systems FUEL SYSTEM--600 HP fuel System (incl in 550hp kit)
see StreetStrip Fuel System for more info
307502   $354.36
FUEL SYSTEM--1000 HP fuel System (incl in 1000hp kit)
see Race Fuel System for more info.
  307500 $810.36
Fuel Injection System Intake manifold 340-360 intake manifold Edel #28155 Edel #28155 $352.00
matching fuel rail Edel #3641 Edel #3641 $112.00
440 manifold Edel #29545 Edel #29545 $310.00
matching fuel rail Edel #3640 Edel #3640 $112.00

Now that you have taken a look at the components, go to Fast XFI vs. carb. for the installation and what parameters you will be working with to tune in your combination.
NOTE: Assuming you have an MSD ignition box, the only items you will need are intake gaskets and fuel line.