fast ez efi injection

FAST XFI EGT Module-(Exhaust Gas Temperature)

The FAST XFI? EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) Module allows XFI? owners to monitor up to 8 EGT sensors without requiring the use of the 8 square auxiliary XFI? inputs. The XFI? EGT Module utilizes a small, thin cable to communicate through a high speed CAN (Controller Area Network) connection.

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fast xfi egt module part# description price buy
301418 XFI EGT Module $458.66
301405 XFI EGT Module w/ harness, 8 SS male NPT bungs, & kit also comes w/one 12", one 18", 2 ea 24", 36" and 48" probes $839.72
30137 single 12 inch probe-1/4 inch dia. $43.66
30138 single 18 inch probe-1/4 inch dia. $45.31
30139 single 24 inch probe-1/4 inch dia. $47.04
30140 single 36 inch probe-1/4 inch dia. $50.43
301425 single 48 inch probe-1/4 inch dia. $56.52
301443 Weld in EGT fitting-1/8 inch NPT $7.00