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FAST XFI Touch Screen Data Logger

The FAST FI™ Touch Screen Dash/Data Logger features a 6-inch, fully programmable LCD touch screen display and has the ability to display its data in a multitude of scales, units and gauge configurations. Its backlit display can be user-customized to a wide variety of configurations at the touch of a finger or stylus. Engineered to work with any level of vehicle modification from stock to all-out race, the XFI™ Touch Screen Dash/Data Logger is able to monitor and display output from a variety of different input sources, including frequency (rpm, wheel speed etc.), analog input and sources that require programmable input parameters such as MAP and MAF. As a data logger, the unit has a 2 MB memory module that will store up to one hour of data, as compared to the internal data logging feature which only stores 20 seconds of data.

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fast xfi dash datalogger
  • Allows for fine tuning of the TCU through the dashboard without a laptop
  • Simultaneous monitoring & data logging of up to 25 separate input channels
  • 8 analog inputs, 2 speed inputs, and programmable input parameters
  • Logged data is viewable through display screen or downloadable via USB into C-COM XFI™ or other popular Windows based programs for convenient data manipulation and analysis
  • 2 PWM outputs configurable to drive a variety of useful accessories, including relays, shift lights, nitrous or boost control solenoids, etc.
  • High resolution, backlit 320 X 240 display can be touch-programmed with fingers or stylus
  • Compatible with classic FAST™ ECU when used with #301442 adapter harness
  • CAN communication allows all engine data from XFI™ to be transferred to the dash via 2 wires
  • Over 1 hour of continuous data logging time with standard 2 MB memory module
part# description price buy
301417 FAST XFI Touch Screen Dash/Data Logger $768.16
301412 FAST Ecu to XFI Dash/Data Logger Adapter Cable-only necessary when either a 301105 main harness is used in place of a 301100 or 301101 main harness or the main harness was purchased before 2010 $29.15

Without comprehensive data from all of your vehicle’s sensors and powertrain controllers, it is difficult to identify what changes should be made in order to correct problems and improve track times. FAST™ offers the perfect solution in the form of the revolutionary XFI™ Touch Screen Dash/Data Logger. This unit functions as both an electronic dashboard and a data logger for vehicles running the FAST™ XFI™ Fuel Injection System. With its state-of-the-art monitoring and data logging capabilities, the XFI™ Touch Screen Dash/Data Logger can assemble a comprehensive, real-time picture of just what is going on under your vehicle's hood.