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Ford Cast Iron & Ford Aluminum Cylinder Blocks

Dart, without a doubt, has developed the strongest Iron Cylinder Blocks--designed from the ground up to eliminate the weaknesses of factory castings--extra thick decks, siamese bores, enlarged water jackets, priority main oiling which routes oil to the mains first, head bolt holes are blind tapped eliminating the need for any sealer, and if that's not enough, on many of the Dart SBC and BBC Cylinder Blocks produced for extreme HP, there are options for cam bore sizing to allow for stronger camshafts, etc--great tech help @ www.dartheads.com

Dart Iron SBC Cylinder Blocksdart sbc cylinder block

Dart SBC SHP Cylinder Blocks
Dart SBC Little M Cylinder Blocks
Dart SBC Iron Eagle Cylinder Blocks

Dart LS Next Cylinder Blocksdart LS cylinder block

Dart LS Next Cylinder Block
available in 9.24 and 9.450 block heights
4.00 and 4.125 bores

Dart Ford Cylinder Blocksdart ford cylinder block

Dart Ford Iron SHP Cylinder Blocks
Dart Ford Iron Eagle Cylinder Blocks
Dart Ford Aluminum Cylinder Blocks

Dart Iron BBC Cylinder Blocksdart bbc cylinder block

Dart BBC Big M Cylinder Blocks
Dart BBC Big M Sportsman Cyl Blocks
Dart BBC Pro Series Tall Deck Cyl Blocks

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