brodix sbc cylinder head

BRODIX Big Block Chevy Cylinder Heads

Brodix introduced the first aluminum Big Block Chevy Cylinder Heads in 1982 and has been paving the path in cylinder head performance with landmarks and innovative development since it's inception over 40 years ago. Brodix is still the only cylinder head company to offer a repair service for ther own product if they are damaged due to an engine failure --and at a very reasonable cost (Brodix products only)--It's been our pleasure to be a dealer for Brodix since the early 80's----
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Brodix BBC RaceRite Cylinder Headsbrodix cylinder heads

RR BB-0 270cc oval shaped runner--
RR BB-R 294cc rectangular runner--
one of the best bolt-on street performance aluminum BBC cylinder heads available

Brodix BBC 2Plus Cylinder Headsbrodix cylinder heads

BB-2 with 305cc rectangle port--
BB 2Plus with 312cc rectangle port--
small runner with great flow makes for lots of torque and great throttle response--popular marine choice or heavy vehicle with a small ci BBC

Brodix BBC 2X Cylinder Headsbrodix cylinder heads

BB 2X with a 340cc runner--
BB 2Xtra with a 365cc runner--
BP BB 2Xtra 355cc full cnc runner--
accepting conventional pistons, rockers, & intake manifolds, makes this one of the most popular track performance cylinder head selections

Brodix BBC 3X Cylinder Headsbrodix cylinder heads

BB 3Xtra w/363cc rectangle port-
BP BB 3Xtra w/366cc&380cc cnc rect. port-
BP BB 3Xtra-O w/351cc cnc oval port-
Brodix latest, new hi-tech large oval shaped port, with great port velocity, propelled these heads to the top of there class
(large oval or rectangle)

Brodix BBC Head Hunter Cylinder Headsbrodix cylinder heads

BP HH BB 383-cnc'd 383cc runner--
BP HH BB 395-cnc'd 395cc runner--
Brodix HeadHunter series represents the cutting edge of conventional BBC Cylinder Head technology

Brodix manifolds and Valve Covers
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