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AFR 195cc Aluminum Performance 20° Cylinder Heads-

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*--NEW 195cc Renegade Ford is debuting in our lineup and almost defies the laws of physics flowing a whopping 315 CFM from a modest sized intake port and comfortably outflows its 10cc larger predecessor and is on the heels of our previous best SBF inline head--
*--If you want the maximum emission legal street/strip horsepower small block Ford head, check out AFR’s all new 195cc intake port emissions legal (CARB EO #250-3) cylinder heads--
*--lightweight 8mm 2.050 intake valves, 1.600 exhaust valves, combustion chamber volumes of 58cc or 72cc, and exhaust ports which are raised .125 higher than stock--
*--Exhaust port is drilled for standard 2” spacing that fit factory headers and also drilled for 3” spacing to accept larger O.D. headers--
*--AFR’s new 195cc Ford head is designed for 367-392 cid engines operating from 2000 rpm to 7000 rpm--
*--see basic parts list for the included parts and some suggestions on manifolds and gaskets--
*--A 3/4” thick head deck makes the AFR head ideal for nitrous or blower applications--great tech help @
Note:High flow 2.050 valves might require aftermarket pistons notched for valve clearance and 1986 5.0L must have pistons notched for clearance --Will not accept rail type rocker arms--Hardened push rods required on all applications--

If you need assistance in selecting the best AFR cylinder head for your application, you may want to e-mail a description of your combination or call 856-767-4095 or 856-767-7740, and we'll see if we can help out.

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FREE ground SHIPPING inside the continental USA on purchases over $2900.00--allow about 2-3 weeks for Cylinder Head orders to ship--
check out AFR SBF Cylinder Head Options to add a few items you may need--
NOTE: all part #'s listed below that are followed by an asterisk(*) are street emmision legal, having provisions for an EGR and air pump holes.

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afr cylinder headAFR SBF 195cc Cylinder Head
Note the dual exhaust bolt pattern (pictured at left) with standard 2” spacing and 3” spacing for larger O.D. headers, included on the 195cc Competition Package, 205cc and the 220cc cylinder head
ideal for the 367-392cid engines operating from 2000rpm to 7000rpm-
  see basic parts list for the parts included in the head assembly and some suggestions on manifolds and gaskets--- 
--exhaust ports are raised .125 to enhance flow, but rarely present header problems-see    SBF Cyl Head Options for valve material, titanium retainer upgrades-
cc stud mount
or pedestal
part # v/dia. runner
spring retainer seat pressure open pressure max. lift price/pair buy
3/8 stud 1382 2.05/1.600 195 Bare heads have full cnc port/comp valve job-58cc $1870.16
1381 2.05/1.600 195 1.270 steel 155 430lbs .650 $2045.73
1427* 2.05/1.600 195 Bare heads have full cnc port/comp valve job-58cc $1870.16
1426* 2.05/1.600 195 1.270 steel 155 430lbs .650 $2045.73
3/8 stud 1384 2.05/1.600 195 Bare heads have full cnc port/comp valve job-58cc $1870.16
1383 2.05/1.600 195 1.270 steel 155 430lbs .650 $2045.73
1429* 2.05/1.600 195 Bare heads have full cnc port/comp valve job-58cc $1870.16
1428* 2.05/1.600 195 1.270 steel 155 430lbs .650 $2045.73
NOTE: all part #'s followed by an asterisk(*) are street emmision legal, having provisions for an EGR and air pump holes.
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AFR 195cc Renegade Street Head-tested on 4.06 bore Cylinder Head Flow Chart cfm @28" H2O
valve size .200 .300 .400 .500 .550 .600 .650
2.050 int. 152 206 260 287 298 308 315
1.600 exh. 126 171 207 222 227 231 235
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SBF 195cc
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SBF Head Options Top
the AFR SBF Cylinder Head Options listed below
may only be ordered along with a complete set of AFR Cylinder Heads--
--keep in mind, free shipping for purchases totaling $2900.00 or more for USA zipcodes--
Item description price buy
rocker stud --AFR upgrade #6411-upgrade 3/8 rocker stud to 7/16 ARP 234-7206 for maximum durabilty and strength $41.00
titanium retainer --AFR upgrade #8600-Titanium Retainers installed in place of the steel retainers that are normally supplied $124.16
titanium valves --FOR THE 195CC RUNNER ONLY--AFR upgrade #7512-inconel exhaust valves replace the stainless valves that are normally supplied with the heads-used in high heat situations such as forced induction or nitrous $170.72
valve spring --AFR #8603 valve spring option trades the 8017 spring (1.290-OD) for the valve spring #8016, that is 1.550 diameter, 140 lbs seat and 375 lbs open at .525 lift with a max lift of .600 (check with your cam manufacture for necessary spring pressures) $87.30
comp cams ultra pro magnum rocker --Comp Cams ULTRA Pro Magnum Roller Rocker-choice of 1.6 ratio for 3/8 or 7/16 rocker stud-"Lifetime Guarantee" so strong that the body is guaranteed for life against breakage and unlike alum. rockers, rockers can be rebuilt by replacing the trunion, roller tip, and bearings thru Comp Cams-

the AFR SBF Cylinder Head Basic Package Components are listed below
and a few specifications and suggestions for Supporting Components--NOTE: All AFR 195cc have 1/2" head bolt holes, so if the block you are using has 7/16" threads for the head bolt, you will need a head bolt/stud kit that contains the 1/2"-7/16" reducer bushing-see head bolts just below
parts incl. w/Heads part # some suggestions
Intake Valve 2.05x4.903 Oal #7252 Cyl Head torque w/moly--70lbs(7/16")
Exhaust Valve 1.600x4.955 Oal #7250 Cyl Head torque w/moly--100lbs(1/2")
Hyd Roller Spring-1.270 155/430lbs AFR #8019 Rocker stud Torque/pedestal---55lbs/25lbs
Thermactor Air Injector #6226 Int Gasket(1.280x2.10)--FP1262/AFR6832
Manley 7° Chrome Moly Retainer 8514 Exh Gasket----------AFR#6837 or FP#1415
Bead Lock 7° valve keepers AFR#9007 7/16" Head "Bolts"
--ARP#154-3601(6pt) or #154-3701(12pt)--
7/16" Head bolts with 1/2"-7/16" Bushing
--ARP #154-3605(6pt)or #154-3705(12pt)--
Adjustable Guide Plates-5/16 #6103 7/16" Head "Stud" kit
--ARP#154-4001(6pt) or #254-4401(12pt)--
7/16" Head Stud kit with 1/2"-7/16" Bushing
--ARP#154-4005(6pt) or #154-4205(12pt)--
Viton Valve Seals #6612 1/2" Head "Bolts" --ARP#154-3603(6pt)
Rocker Stud-3/8 #6410 1/2" Head "Stud" kit
--ARP#154-4003(6pt) or #154-4203(12pt)
Hardened Spring Cup #8042 (Int and Exh) Manifolds------RPM Performer,Vic Jr
Intake Valve Seats #9058 Spark Plugs-----Autolite 3924
Exhaust Valve Seats #9069 Stud Girdle----------AFR#6207
Bronze Valve Guides-(Int and Exh) #9051 valve spring pockets can be cut to 1.625, no deeper