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AFR BBC Cylinder Heads

AFR BBC Cylinder Heads has a complete line of fully CNC'd cylinder heads for street/strip applications, marine performance, oval trackers, off-road stump pullers and drag racing enthusiasts. Airflow Research’s design, engineering, and manufacturing technology never rests. A leader today, Airflow Research is investing in the horsepower of tomorrow with new manufacturing technology, complex dyno testing, and proprietary flow testing methods. And to assure a long standing tradition to performance, AFR is bringing up a new generation of racers and engineers to meet the demands of tomorrow’s engine builders. Cylinder head technology starts with research. That includes hundreds of hours designing and hand porting intake and exhaust ports to experiment and compare flow and horsepower characteristics. Airflow Research has tested thousands of cylinder heads over the years, for every application from top fuel dragsters to Saturday night street rods. Understanding the application and performance requirements is where AFR starts its design criteria.--
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AFR BBC 305/315cc Magnumafr cylinder heads

magnum 305cc and 315cc with strong low and mid lift flow numbers will have great throttle response and high lift flow numbers approaching the 400cfm mark for additional rpm and power-
AFR cylinder head logo

AFR BBC Cylinder Heads

AFR BBC 325/335cc MagnumAFR Cylinder Heads

magnum 325cc and 335cc runner, with moderately sized runners will produce high torque and top end HP numbers

AFR BBC 345/357cc MagnumAFR Cylinder Heads

magnum 345cc and the 357cc runner is extremely versatile with the ability to work on high rpm 450+ combinations as well as 7000rpm in 600 cuin combos

AFR BBC 377/385cc MagnumAFR Cylinder Heads

magnum 377cc and 385cc with 315cfm and 321cfm at .600lift will make great torque for the ultra large hyd roller marine applications, or with 437 cfm at .900 lift, it can operate on large cu in drag applications as well

AFR BBC 265cc Ovalafr cylinder heads

AFR 265cc runner oval port cylinder head has plenty of velocity and low end torque for the 396 to 468cuin street/ strip applications

AFR BBC 290cc Ovalafr cylinder heads

AFR 290cc runner oval port cylinder head will produce enough low and mid range torque to carry the 468cuin-509cuin engines to the upper rpm zone and let the 375cfm at .700 lift take over to produce the HP

AFR BBC 300cc Ovalafr cylinder heads

AFR's 300cc runner is one of the ultimate street/race cylinder heads-enough torque and airflow to feed 427 thru 509cuin to the upper limits